Sky TV Packages for New Customers

Sky TV

Order your Sky TV Package today from just £16.00 per month and get a FREE £50 Rewards Voucher. Choose between a £50 M&S voucher, a £50 Tesco Gift Card or a £50 Prepaid MasterCard. Simply add or subtract additional extras (such as ‘Sky Broadband Unlimited’ currently FREE for 12 Months!) when viewing your Sky basket and watch your package automatically update to reflect all available offers!

Plus, order here online and we’ll give new Sky customers a FREE Sky+HD box and a FREE Sky Broadband Hub (with orders including Broadband). Finally, get your Sky products and services installed by a Sky engineer!

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Sky+ HD Box Deal with Family and Original Bundles

New Sky customers, order your Free Sky+ HD box today and receive Sky Installation, £50 Reward Voucher and 25% OFF Sky TV for 12 Months!

Free Broadband & weekend calls.

Sky+ HD box = now FREE

Standard Sky installation = just £25.00 (when you order with online)

Subscription with Family bundle: =
£27.50 a month
Access to more than 50 High Definition channels with your HD Ready TV 80 top channels and over 240 satellite channels

Original bundle subscription: =
£16.00 a month
Access 38 popular channels, 11 HD channels and 240 satellite channels. You can upgrade to additional packs at anytime!


Free Sky Broadband Lite

Add any Sky TV bundle to your Sky basket and get Sky Broadband Lite for FREE, together with FREE Weekend land line calls*

Sky set up installation for just a one-off cost of £25.00
Add Sky Talk Freetime for FREE
Add Sky Broadband Lite now FREE with 2GB allowance or Sky Broadband Unlimited *£7.50 a month for unlimited download allowance and up to 17mb speeds (*Current offer = 12 Months FREE).
Sky TV subscription cost £21.50 a month (includes the Sky+ service)

*If you add Sky Talk or Sky Broadband, Sky Talk Line Rental is payable at just £15.40 a month. Easily transfer (for free) or order a brand new Sky land line for just £39.00 or less, depending on the type of property you live in.

One-off cost  = £25.00

Free gift  = £50.00 Rewards Voucher with any Sky TV bundle

Ongoing monthly cost from = £21.50

Build your personal Sky TV package around the offers on our site. Get started now and our offers will follow you all the way to your Sky basket…

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Compare Sky Boxes

Here’s a comprehensive guide to comparing the features of Sky boxes. You should remember some important information when deciding which Sky box and Sky package is right for you. If you go for the Sky+ service, the Sky+ box is now the same box supplied as Sky+ HD. The only difference being the ‘HD Pack’. The ‘HD Pack’ costs an extra £10.25 a month and enables you to access over 50 High Definition channels. You can order the additional ‘HD Pack’ at anytime but if you order it as part of your initial Sky order, you will benefit from improved offers such as free Sky installation.

Order this Sky package now Order this Sky package now Order this Sky package now